Our Leadership

Our Leadership



Our elders are responsible for shepherding and overseeing the congregation at Highway 65 (Acts 20:28; I Timothy 3:1-7; I Peter 5:1-4). We currently have Four men who serve as our pastors: Alan Finley, Bruce Reeves, Kevin Sams and Derrill White. It is their desire to offer spiritual leadership that will benefit each and every member of the congregation. They do not have authority over any other congregation, but Highway 65. They strive to be approachable and receptive as spiritual leaders.

Alan FinleyBruce Reeves
Kevin SamsToby Sublett
Steven Benson 



The New Testament teaches that in addition to elders, congregations of the Lord’s church appointed servants referred to as “deacons” (Philippians 1:1).  Like elders, these men are to be appointed based upon qualifications that are spelled out in Scripture (1 Timothy 3:8-13). Under the oversight of the elders, these men carry out various works of service to the congregation. We currently have eight men who serve as deacons. The men  appointed to this work have met the qualifications of Scripture and serve the congregation faithfully in this work.

Gary BrownRichard HarrisDavid McClellan
Roger PerryJodi PhillipsBeau Jones
Conley MasonKelton Harrison 




Bruce was born in 1974 in Blytheville, Arkansas. He received a BA from Hendrix College and a BMIN from Harding University. He and his wife, Rachel, married in April of 1999. She attended the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.. He and his wife have one son, Connor Andrew. Bruce began preaching when he was twelve years old. He worked with several brethren in his development as a preacher. He profited greatly from the mentoring of such men as A.W. Goff, Lowell Blasingame and Mike Pittman. As a teenager he spent several summers in central Arkansas working with brother Goff and preaching by appointment for numerous congregations in central Arkansas. He has preached full time for congregations in Walnut Ridge, Martinville and Mt. Vernon Arkansas; Wilburton and Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nashville, Tennessee (Woodland Hills church of Christ). He has worked with the Highway 65 church of Christ for the last Nineteen years. Bruce has held gospel meetings in Arkansas, Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois. Bruce has engaged in numerous debates on such subjects as Baptism, Calvinism, Apostasy, the Godhead and the Baptismal Formula. Of the ten public discussions in which Bruce has participated he has had two formal oral religious debates published (Reeves-Scheel Debate on the Godhead and Baptismal Formula and the Reeves-Cook Debate on Baptism). He has written for several periodicals which are read among members of churches of Christ.